1994 -- 1995 -- 1996 Biker BroadcastingTM
America's First National Talk Radio Show for Motorcycling Enthusiasts!



--with motorcyclists, event organizers, authors, adventurers,
politicians, mechanics, clubs, and other organizations.

Listener Call-ins

--dialogue from listeners across the country
who join us on the air with our guests.

Mechanical, Safety, and Training Tips

--for beginners and experienced riders.

"Biker Bulletin Board"

--a listing of upcoming events, meetings, and news.

Race Results

--on-scene call-ins from our field reporters
attending the weekend race events and a
re-cap of the week's racing activities and standings.

"Sunday Evening Biker Book"

--an interpretation of current events, editorial by Mr. Z.

Remote Broadcasts

--live broadcasts direct from events, and taped interviews
from visits to events, by Mr Z, Betty "Boop" and other contributors.

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