1994 -- 1995 -- 1996 Biker BroadcastingTM
America's First National Talk Radio Show for Motorcycling Enthusiasts!


Host: "Mr. Z"
Producer/Director: "Betty Z"

"Mr. Z" also known as Matthew Zanoskar, is a very experienced motorcyclist and effective communicator with an engaging personality. As an interviewer, he has an almost "charismatic" quality that makes you want to "tune in again next week"!   He just plain knows how to "git down" with his guests, especially on hot political topics concerning the motorcycling community.

Mr. Z has been involved in motorcycling for over 30 years, and along with his wife Betty, have joined forces to produce the first nationally syndicated talk radio show dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts. Mr. Z owns a 1985 Harley Davidson FLH and Betty "Boop" as we often call her, has a 1976 Harley Sportster XLCH. Both have completed Ohio's "Experienced-Rider" course and are accomplished motorcycle operators. Their broad background in motorcycling, business, and public speaking has contributed to the success of Biker Broadcasting.

Mr. Z has organized and been part of many rallies and gatherings over the past years, from his involvement in "Support the Troops" (Iraq, 1991) and "Bring Home the Troops" in Somalia rallies held in downtown Cleveland to the steps of Ohio's capitol in 1992, and the steps of Washington's State's capitol in 1994. He also lobbied against NAFTA and forsaw the difficulties which now affect the production and sales of motorcycles.

He was the promoter of the first Cleveland Kickboxing Backstreet Brawl Tournament as featured in Outlaw Biker Magazine, June 1993. He has been involved in many motorcycle organizations, and is a member of the American Motorcyclists Association, Harley Owners Group West Cleveland Chapter, The Ohio Motorcyclists Coalition (cofounder), ABATE/Concerned Motorcycle Riders of Ohio, (Betty previously held local and state positions), and ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

In 1986, "Z" did motorcycle stuntwork in the movie The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, (check out the credits)! He has appeared as a guest on several television shows including Phil Donahue in 1987.  In 1996, Betty appeared in local and national television coverage of "Mothers Who Ride".

Matt was born in Austria in 1947 in a refugee camp, and came to the U.S. with his family at the age of 4. He is of Slovenian descent and still gets a kick out of being able to speak the language, like the time he interviewed Niko Mihalich, owner of the first Harley Davidson Dealership in the country of Slovenia, as well as Eastern Europe. He has had guests and phone interviews from many foreign countries on the show, bringing home the international interest in motorcycling.

By trade, Mr. Z is a structural Ironworker (Local 17) who got to work high atop Cleveland's "Society Center" --the tallest building between Chicago and New York, and worked on several other major projects in the area. He is a certified welder, proud of both his blue-collar and white-collar roots.

He also has experience in investigative and trial preparation work, and has assisted attorneys such as William Kuntzler of New York (first Federal DNA case in the U.S.), Ron Kuby, Peter Neufeld, and Barry Scheck, all from Cardoza Law School, and several Cleveland area attorneys, with motorcycle-related cases.

Starting in 1997, he needed to get away to spend some time studying cooking, specializing in dessert-making, at the "Hocking Culinary Institute" in southern Ohio. He has now returned to Cleveland and is back hard at work on projects around the area, looking to get the radio show going again.

Mr. Z's interviewing skills and personality bring a unique flair to the radio show as he reaches out to his listeners, both motorcyclists and nonmotorcyclists alike --comprising one of the most affluent, politically astute and public-spirited audiences today.

As a young boy who once stared in awe at the new motorcycles in the neighborhood showroom window, and as a seasoned biker who has endured the trials and tribulations of life, he is deeply aware of the need to preserve the freedoms that enabled him to live out his dreams in this country of the red, white, blue!

What began as a twinkle in the eye of an inner-city immigrant refugee child has developed into a dream of establishing the first national network talk radio show for motorcyclists, and the first to be heard around the world, joining the pioneers of internet broadcasting.

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