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March 13, 1994  Portsmouth Motorcycle Club
One of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Ohio, established in 1913, based in Portsmouth Ohio, --regarding their history and adventures in the days of the first motorcycles.

March 20, 1994  Ohio Motorcyclists Enrichment Program
Larry Bignall, instructor, also a claims manager for a national brokerage, --discusses "sharing the road" and the enrichment program (Ohio's rider education course).

March 27, 1994  Biker Discrimination --It Happens
State Senator Frank Sawyer (D-Mansfield) and attorney Ralph Buss (motorcyclists attorney) discuss amendment to Ohio's civil rights act introduced to the Ohio legislature 3/22/94.

April 3, 1994  The Easter Spirit --Fundraisers Held by Motorcyclists
Mark Shepard, member of The Blue Knights (policemen), and a discussion of charitable events and organizations which have benefitted from them.

April 10, 1994  Buying a Bike: From Financing to Customizing
Mainstreet Easyriders' (Cleveland) manager Mike Peplin, with previous experience at a Harley dealership in Elyria, regarding how to buy a bike, from down payments to customizing.

April 17, 1994  Government, Politics, Helmet Usage
Former Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich (candidate for Ohio Senate) and Greg Trojan (state director of ABATE/CMRO, fireman/paramedic), and a discussion about government, politics, and helmet usage.

April 24, 1994  The Original Wild Ones
J. D. Cameron & Wino Willie, live from California, the guys portrayed in the movie The Wild One played by Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. Both are now in their late 70's and are members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. Also in the studio were members of the Boozefighters from Huron County, OH.

May 1, 1994  Motorcycle Awareness
Greg Trojan, State Coordinator for ABATE/CMRO (OH); Mike Warren, retired motorcycling advocate for numerous organizations; Billy Bobbs, State Coordinator for ABATE, Inc. (OH); discussion of motorcycle awareness month.

May 8, 1994  Mothers, Grandmothers, & Great Grandmothers Who Ride
Mothers' Day Special about mothers who ride their own motorcycles including our own Betty Z, and featuring the eldest guest, Dorothy, who began riding her own motorcycle in 1947 and is a grandmother eight-times over!

May 15, 1994  Laconia, NH Annual Rally and The Louie Run in OH.
Charlie St. Clair, live from Laconia, discusses the oldest motorcycle rally in the U.S. in its 71st year! Also live call-in coverage from the 11th Annual Louie Run in Mentor, OH, 20 miles East of Cleveland.

May 22, 1994  History of Harley in Cleveland
Dan & Roger from Harley Davidson Sales Company on Lorain Road, the first family-owned dealer on northern Ohio, regarding the history of Harley Davidson in Cleveland.

May 29, 1994  Easyriders Rodeo, Painesville, OH
LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST from the 1st Northeastern Ohio rodeo. Interviews with rodeo organizers, racers, and the Lake County Sheriff!

June 5, 1994  Breaking the Stereotype
Members of Mensa (IQ in the top 2% of population) who ride motorcycles talk about Mensa & motorcycling. The guests included a female rider/motorcycle-magazine writer from New York and a male from California.

June 12, 1994  Motorcycle Tours in England, Ireland, New Zealand
Greg Harrison of the American Motorcyclist Association discusses overseas tours they offer to motorcyclists, what to expect, and what to enjoy.

June 19, 1994  Public Square on Biker Broadcasting
Open forum for call-ins from listeners, from maintenance questions to accident investigation. Also, special comments from Mr. Z. on current events and how you would explain them to your son on this Father's Day.

June 26, 1994  Motorcycle Tours in Thailand
Guest from Tieo Tours (Chicago) discusses motorcycle tours they offer in Thailand, explains the country and its people.

July 3, 1994  Upcoming Local Motorcycling Events
Discussion of upcoming events in the area --March of Dimes Run, POW/MIA Run, Easyriders Cleveland Bike Show.

July 10, 1994  Annual Sturgis Race & Rally, Sturgis, SD
Phone interview with the executive director of the annual Sturgis event; discussion of its history, events scheduled for this year, etc.

July 17, 1994  Charitable Events
Phone interview from March of Dimes event (Ohio), organized by the Harley Owners Group. Also, phone interview from Minnesota regarding "Hawgs for Dogs" event which raises money to supply seeing eye dogs to those in need.

July 24, 1994  American Motorcyclist Association Heritage Days
Phone Interview from Columbus, OH with the President of the AMA regarding their Heritage Days event, the AMA and its history. Call-ins from Los Angeles & Cleveland, from some original charter members of the AMA.

July 31, 1994   Upcoming Cleveland Events
Discussion of upcoming 2nd annual All Harley Street Drag Nationals in Thompson, OH and an interview with the Swordsmen Motorcycle Club, holding a motorcyclists rights fundraiser that same weekend.

August 7, 1994   Motorcycle Drag Racers
Interviews with top area national Harley racers Huck Cameron, Derrick Nelson, and Jaime Morocco, featuring their insight into drag racing.

August 14, 1994   Legal Beat for Motorcyclists--Part I
Attorney Terry Gaffney discusses medical malpractice and proper accident handling. (Part II will be broadcast on September 9th.)

August 21, 1994   Motor Meet '94, and Warrior Trikes
Interview with organizer of largest upcoming event of the summer (expected attendance of 25,000) and interview with manufacturer of Warrior Trikes (Toledo, OH) including comments from a parapalegic trike driver.

August 28, 1994   Public Square on Biker Broadcasting Open forum for call-ins from listeners, topics including government intervention, helmet issues, road-use taxes, and school levies.

September 4, 1994   Motor Meet '94; Medina, Ohio --- LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST---
Live Remote Broadcast from Medina County Fairgrounds 2nd Annual Motor Meet and Ribfest. Interviews with motorcyclists involved in the labor movement (Ironworkers and Teamsters).

September 9, 1994   Legal Beat for Motorcyclists --Part II
Guest attorney Terry Gaffney continues the series, discussing accident handling and malpractice issues. (This Part II program produced by popular demand stemming from Part I, aired on August 14, 1994.)

September 18, 1994   Touring the State Capitols by Motorcycle!
Cleveland area motorcyclist Dan Frederick discusses his 17,000 mile, 77 day trip on his BMW, where he covered the state capitols in each of the 48 states.

September 25, 1994   Motorcycle Product Testing
Motorcyclist Nick Nichols, Texas, who has logged over 1 million motorcycle miles, discusses motorcycle product testing and the company he formed to do so, working with the top corporations in motorcycling.

October 2, 1994   Custom Motorcycle Builders
Interview with the Ohio members of the Hamsters, and international club of 150 custom motorcycle builders, known throughout the world.

October 9, 1994   Physically Chalenged Motorcyclist
Discussion with physically challenged motorcycle drivers; including female rider who is a double amputee, and a male rider with cerebral palsy.

October 16, 1994   Women in the Wind
Women in the Wind international V.P. Tina Bond of Akron discusses women and motorcycling.

October 23, 1994   Motorcycle Product Testing
Rerun of Sept 25, 1994 program requested by popular demand.

October 30, 1994   West Coast Politics
Motorcyclists in Washington State discuss their October election rally in Olympia at which Mr. Z was an honored speaker.

November 11, 1994   Politicians or Legislators?
State Representative Diane Grendel and state senatorial hopeful Dennis Kucinich (former Cleveland mayor) discuss today's politics and the difference between a politician and a legislator.

November 13, 1994   Public Square (Open Forum)
Open forum for call-ins from listeners. Congratulations given to newly elected Senator Kucinich, State Rep Grendell, Senator Hoke, Senator Snowe.

November 20, 1994   San Francisco Motorcycle Club --Part I
David Schiller, President of the SFMC (1st vehicle to cross the Golden Gate Bridge) discusses their club's history and motorcycling in California.

November 27, 1994   San Francisco Motorcycle Club --Part II
Continued from November 20, 1994, discussion of club's history, trophies, and the MDA run sponsored by SFMC.

December 4, 1994    Mechanics Made Easy
Mechanics from Performance Cycle, Cleveland area motorcycle shop, discuss winterizing your bike as well as basic maintenance.

December 11, 1994   The AMA Today
Ed Youngblood, President of the AMA, discusses unfair insurance practices; 6 day international enduro being held in the U.S.; CA desert protection act.

December 18, 1994    "The V-Twin High Performance Guide"
D. William Denish, author of "The V-Twin High Performance Guide" discusses high performance techniques, ratios, and equations described in his book.

December 25, 1994    Public Square Open Forum
Open forum for call-ins from listeners. Joining Mr. Z. was the winner of the "most frequent caller" award for 1994 shows.

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